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A Pharmacist's Story

How a pharmacy chose to protect its staff and its clients during the pandemic by wearing U-Masks and creating a Pure Air Zone.

At Vesuvio Pharmacy in Milan, there is nothing more difficult than operating during a pandemic. They took all the correct safety precautions including wearing a U-Mask.

Through U-Mask, Achille Boriandrini discovered U-Earth and its work in air purification. Because emissions and air quality is such a problem in Milan, and with the rising cases of the pandemic, he felt that having an AIRcel 70 in the pharmacy would enhance the environment not only for his staff but his customers as well.

The air purifier doesn’t just provide a safer premises and cleaner air either, but also provides something far more important from a mental level - peace of mind. Alongside the AIRcel 70, they also used a monitor to literally show the customers the effect that the air purifier was having on conditions inside the store.

Not that the monitor was necessarily needed. As Achille notes. “You can feel it when you enter the pharmacy, the air quality is totally different.”

And Vesuvio pharmacy isn’t only planning on having the air purifier during the pandemic. “Every time our doors open, the outdoor pollution enters the pharmacy. The car exhaust enters. The allergens enter,” continues Achille, “This means increasing safety standards. It means destroying contaminants and working in a safe and clean environment.”

The advantages of the air purifier within the building are not limited to the real world either, but also the virtual one. Because they are now a Pure Air Zone, Vesuvio Pharmacy will be featured on the upcoming Pure Air Zone app, which will alert people where they can buy a U-Mask and also where they can breathe pure air within Milan, which Achille feels will become more and more popular as knowledge about air quality improves.

When asked to rate the AIRcel 70, Achille was unequivocal, giving U-Earth technology a perfect 10/10 rating and recommending it to all pharmacists. To find out exactly why, you can hear more from Achille by watching the video below.