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Black Friday 2020 - FAQ

This is our way of making sure that you can understand everything there is to know about our Black Friday deal.

When is it?

From 00:01 to 23:59 on Friday 27th November.

What is the offer?

For every U-Mask that you purchase, you receive a free Refill filter. The deal scales so if you buy two U-Masks, you will receive two free Refill filters, etc.

How can I get the offer?

1. Add any U-Mask to your Cart.

2. Add a Refill to your Cart.

3. The cost of the Refill will be deducted at checkout.

This is very important. If you don’t manually add a Refill filter to your cart then you won’t receive it.

How long does the Black Friday deal last?

It lasts for exactly 24 hours on Friday 27th November 2020 or while stocks last. If we run out of Refill filters then the offer will end early and a ‘SOLD OUT’ banner will be placed on the homepage.

Is every U-Mask included in the offer?

Yes. All 9 colours of U-Mask as well as the (RED) U-Mask.

Will you be restocking Refill filters on the day?

No. We hope that we have more than enough but as it’s very difficult to predict exactly how many orders will go through on Black Friday, we may very well sell out ahead of time. If this is the case then the Black Friday deal will be over.

Is there any change to shipping?

We don’t anticipate any change to shipping. That being said, if we take a lot of orders then the warehouse will be busier than normal, which could impact your delivery. If this is the case, your U-Mask order may arrive a day or so later. We are very sorry if that is the case.

Why are you running a Black Friday deal?

We wanted to give something back to all of our customers. The best way that we could think to do that was by making sure that you stay protected for longer! By offering you a free Refill filter, your mask will stay good for up to 400 hours!

What is the policy on returns?

For our policy on returns, please read our returns page.