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New U-Mask Colours - Admiral and Pretender

U-Mask is now available in Admiral (Navy Blue) and Pretender (Dark Green). Shop now.

It isn’t long until Christmas and our gift to you this Holiday season comes in the form of not just one but two brand new U-Mask colours. If you have left your shopping late this year then fret no more because U-Mask has provided you with two wonderful choices for your loved ones. We think they’ll look fabulous accompanied by other presents underneath the tree!

The New Colours

The new U-Masks are available in Admiral (navy blue) and Pretender (dark green), two colours which we feel are the perfect choice for the winter months.

The Admiral U-Mask is a shade that we have been asked about for a long time and we are delighted that we are now able to offer it to our customers. A superb accompaniment to your wardrobe, we can’t wait to see this particular colour out in the wild.

The Pretender U-Mask is a gorgeous deep green hue that we feel goes beautifully with the colours of the season, and is sure to impress friends and family alike as we head towards Christmas.

The brand new U-Masks feature all of the attributes that you will find throughout our range. From the regenerated nylon cover that has been made from ocean and landfill waste through to the four-layer Refill filter that includes the all important Bio-Layer™.

And another thing...

When it comes to new U-Mask colours, that’s not all! You may be aware that we have recently launched U-Store, our flagship shop in London, which offers a hands-free approach to shopping for a U-Mask in person. Not only that, visitors to U-Store are also able to purchase an exclusive, limited edition #LDN mask, which comes in a red colour that customers will recognise from the double decker buses that roam the capital city’s roads.

Are you interested in buying an Admiral or Pretender U-Mask? Shop now.