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Why should I buy a U-Mask, other than for being safe?

From laboratories and the ocean, through the prison system, onto an online store and ending up in hospitals.

Consumer power

We are in the fastest shopping age of all time; people are spending nearly one million dollars online every single minute. When we access an online shop, we make a series of quick and unconscious choices in a few seconds. Most of the online orders are the result of impulsive actions. Is there anyone that still thinks about what is behind a product? How does the company manage production and what are their values? We often don’t care. We 'click' and forget about it. But every click is a support, a means to join a cause. With every click, we hire people and generate profit. But to whom are we giving?

We are here to tell you what can be created when you 'click' on our online store.

1. We start from laboratories

U-Earth's foundation is in science - a group of expert biologists that have been working for years to find a solution against air contaminants. Today, people are more aware of what they eat and drink and we understand that nutrition determines our health. If we are what we eat, then we are what we breathe too. But for the most part, we are not breathing good air. According to WHO, and depending on which study you read, 91-95% of the population breathe low-quality air that exceeds safe levels. The pandemic has allowed us to reflect even more on what we cannot see within our air. To face these global issues, we founded a unique and innovative biotech system that captures and digests contaminants in order to clean our planet and leave no harmful waste behind. Our goal is to fight pollution and give everyone access to Pure Air. One of your clicks can support research and innovation: the first step for a better and cleaner world.

2. Swimming through the ocean

Picture the scene: It is January 2020, we are at U-Earth offices, and the first huge requests arrive from China. Both concern and demand were growing ever faster - will the virus spread throughout the globe? At the time, we were selling the U-Mask Model One, which we used to produce with a supplier that would soon close in order to produce for the Italian Civil Protection only. We had to act fast and we decided to produce everything in-house. The core of the product, the Bio-Layer™, was our only certainty. Then we found a regenerated nylon that had been repurposed from ocean and landfill waste, creating quality and sustainable fabrics. The result of these discoveries was the U-Mask Model Two and your clicks brought us to this point.

Saving marine species and our environment is also a consequence of your clicks.

3. We cross into the penitentiary

We decided to bring part of the production line into the prison system via the San Vittore penitentiary of Milan so that we could provide job and learning opportunities to support social reintegration. We think that asking for help requires courage, and they say that giving help requires it too.

Your clicks can generate sustainable jobs supporting social reintegration and human dignity.

4. We make a stop online

U-Mask Model Two has been appreciated since the beginning. The name started to spread around numerous platforms including Formula1 teams to the Italian National Chamber of Fashion, as well as hundreds of models and some of the most well-known celebrities. All these people began to send us photos wearing U-Mask. It might be that they don’t know their impact, but they have been an important piece of our puzzle.

If you are one of these people, we want to thank you! Your photos have fuelled the possibility of our being able to donate to COVID-19 departments in hospitals. Your photos spread across the Internet alongside air quality awareness.

5. Destination: hospitals

The U-Mask Model Two project is part of U-Earth’s mission: to give every human being access to Pure Air. U-Earth has operated, improved and innovated in the air quality field for more than 10 years via its patented biotechnology. U-Earth’s air purifier transforms contaminated air into the pure air of a forest, exactly as nature would do. Making hospitals Pure Air Zones means protecting healthcare personnel and patients, and a portion of U-Mask Model Two proceeds are put towards our #WarToCovid campaign. Thus far we have been fortunate enough to donate air purifiers to some Italian hospitals including San Raffaele, San Giuseppe and Sesto San Giovanni, all of whom have adopted our biotechnology with outstanding results.

Your small but wonderful action can change your world. A click can change the planet.